Frequently Asked Questions about Armarac

How much equipment can an Armarac system hold?

The Vertiblade accommodates up to 10 19-inch 1U full-length devices (maximum length 30in) or 2U/3U/4U equivalents plus optional additional half-length devices (maximum length 14in).

Where can the Armarac be mounted?

Anywhere with enough available wall space! Floor space required is less than 4.75ft². Wall space required depends on model. A load bearing wall is required if you wish to bolt directly to it. The Armarac Floor Stand is available for use when no load bearing surface is available.

How difficult is the Armarac to install? How long does it take?

Installation is simple. The only tools required are a drill, a spanner and a screwdriver. Typical installation of the Armarac and all equipment should take less than two hours.

How do you service the equipment?

The top access panel of any device installed in the Vertiblade is accessible by opening out the blade like a page in a book without removing any components or cabling.

How is the temperature maintained inside an Armarac?

The Armarac is capable of sustaining a front to back temperature variation of less than 18°F (10°C). Total heat output will vary depending on the customer equipment inside the Armarac. Integrated airconditioning options are available.

How does the Armarac keep cool?

The internal fans can cool most loads if the ambient temperature in the room is kept under 82°F (28°C). An active cooling unit is recommended for high loads or environments with a high ambient temperature.

Does mounting equipment vertically have any effect on airflow through the equipment – are any of the air vents blocked?

By default, rack-mount servers take in air along the front and expel at the rear. The Armarac Vertiblades are clear top and bottom so when a server is mounted vertically the airway is open – our forced air circulation comes in at the top and expels at the bottom, providing correct front to back cooling as in a data centre. Some switches and network devices have side fans. Our Armaracs have side air vents in addition to the regular front-to-back airflow.

Can I change equipment around after installing an Armarac?

Yes. Equipment can be easily removed or moved. The whole Vertiblade can be removed and kits are available to convert between 1U/2U/3U/4U configurations.

Can I combine more than one Armarac?

Yes, our Armaracs can be wall mounted and stacked two up in the same floor space.