Armarac MX-800-STACK


Where space is at a premium, or where security and environmental control is important.

When you need to locate equipment to avoid building a special room or having to run excessive cable, and need to save costs.

The MX-800-STACK doubles the capacity of the single MX module to give even more capacity in the same floor area.

  • Mount full depth servers, routers, switches and UPS in minimal space while maintaining full accessibility. 10 square feet is all that is required.
  • Keep all equipment quiet, cool, clean and secure even when deployed in hot or dirty environments.
  • Our unique patented Vertiblade articulated vertical mounting system houses your 19-inch equipment in a tighter footprint than ever before possible. Mount any combination of 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U equipment within the 10U depth available in each module of the stack.

The internal configuration is over to you – UPS, servers, network equipment, or our special HZ horizontal mount patch panels which provide 18 patch panel slots. Ask for more details.

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The Ecosys contoller provides intelligent monitoring and control of your Armarac, with an integrated web server for remote IP access, settings and email alarms. SNMP in tegration of settings and alarms is included.
Armarac MX-800-FAN comes standard with the EcoSys controller, and sensors for monitoiring

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Fan Speed
  • Door access
Alarms can be set for communication by email or SNMP
A history is maintained and reports can be run for remote IP access in order to diagnose performance history.
We have several Cooling options available:
Active FAN ambient cooling
Armarac MX-800-FAN comes with 6 input and 4 extraction fans. These poroivide up to 240CFM of airflow. The ambient room air is forced through your equipment. A typical result is that equipment is maintained at 5 degrees above ambient temperature. Our EcoSys controller monitors both the inlet and outlet temperatures, and adjusts the fan speed to meet your preset temperature. This means that where your room has a lower ambient temperature the equipment will be kept cooler at lower fan speed, and therefore the fans can operate at a quieter, lower speed.
Armarac MX-800-N4X comes with airconditioning options. See the link at the bottom of this page for more details. The A/C has a variable capacity operation mode, which provide between 2000 and 6000 BTU of cooling, depending on the equipment load. Note that because of the targeted efficiency of our closed-cycle system, this is able to cool equpment with a nameplate heat oputput of much higher levels. The closed cycle airconditioning unit is mounted into one (or both) of the doors. Ambient room air is taken into the door cavity, passing through the compressor and heat exchanger unit. The warmed air is vented externally. The cooled air is cycled internally through the equipment back to the heat exchanger unit where it is cooled again, providing targeted cooling in a sealed environment with corresponding benefits of efficency in operation.   A low ambinet heating option is available on request which provides heating for winter environments in addition to the cooling. If an A/C unit is placed in each door then a failsafe fallback mode of operation can be implemented. If one unit fails then the other unit will take over and continue operation. The faulty unit can then be swapped out by a non-A/C support person, and can be replaced with a swap-in replacement. All items have a 12 months return to factory warranty. Higher levels including on-site support can be arranged.
We have several Locking options available:
Key Locks
Armarac MX-800-FAN comes standard with key operated compression locks. Options for manual combination locks are available.
Electronic Locks 
Optional Electronic locks are avalable. This option provides an electronic lock at top an bottom, with a 12V standard output with can be connect to most security systems. You use your standard card or keypad entry device, often placed on the wall adjacent to the Armarac. The locks also connect to the EcoSys controller, so they can be released by remote IP access to the EcoSys. All items have a 12 months return to factory warranty. Higher levels including on-site support can be arranged.

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