Armarac MX-800-STACK


Where space is at a premium, or where security and environmental control is important.

When you need to locate equipment to avoid building a special room or having to run excessive cable, and need to save costs.

The MX-800-STACK doubles the capacity of the single MX module to give even more capacity in the same floor area.

  • Mount full depth servers, routers, switches and UPS in minimal space while maintaining full accessibility. 10 square feet is all that is required.
  • Keep all equipment quiet, cool, clean and secure even when deployed in hot or dirty environments.
  • Our unique patented Vertiblade articulated vertical mounting system houses your 19-inch equipment in a tighter footprint than ever before possible. Mount any combination of 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U equipment within the 10U depth available in each module of the stack.

The internal configuration is over to you – UPS, servers, network equipment, or our special HZ horizontal mount patch panels which provide 18 patch panel slots. Ask for more details.

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