Armarac MX-800-N4X


Armarac is a perfect IP66/NEMA4X solution where floor space,
physical security and environmental control are essential.

  • Air conditioning modules can be deployed in either door, or in both doors for redundancy
  • Logic to enable fail-safe fallback between dual air conditioning units
  • Filter system with cleanable filters operates in each door
  • Variable output air conditioning (simplifies specification and support, with automatic variable operating range of 3000BTU to 6000BTU, 0.9 to 1.75 kW, per door)
  • Passive and Active noise reduction
  • Insulation for improved thermal performance and passive sound reduction
  • Protection from water ingress to NEMA4X / IP66 rating

When you need to locate equipment to avoid building a special room or having to run excessive cable, and need to save costs.

  • Mount full depth servers, routers, switches and UPS in minimal space while maintaining full accessibility. 10 square feet is all that is required.
  • Keep all equipment quiet, cool, clean and secure even when deployed in hot or dirty environments.
  • Our unique patented Vertiblade articulated vertical mounting system houses your 19-inch equipmnet in a tighter footprint than ever before possible. Mount any combination of 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U equipment within the 10U available depth.
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