Deploy equipment close to data intensive applications

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Schneider Electric /APC finds similar challenges and benefits to those our customers are finding with our Armarac. Visit their micro data center page to see how we are both on the same page. Challenges Digital traffic is expanding annually by 23% driven in part by the Internet of Things (IoT). Micro data centers offer reduced latency, increased physical security and …

Encapsulated equipment room replaces dedicated rooms

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Armarac has all the features of a dedicated room in an encapsulated equipment room.  Armarac is compact, it mounts on a wall, and can be placed in a wide variety of locations without requiring special building. Instead of a great big room, with all its costs, issues, construction delays, and capture of space; You have the Armarac: Minimal space, maximum function. …

Design once, Install many

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Armarac saves installation time and costs by designing one standard for many equipment rooms in multiple sites. Our customers are finding that Armarac provides significant savings for distributed office rollouts. A ‘cookie cut’ approach saves both cost and elapsed time. Armarac is not just a cabinet. It is a room replacement which provides all the security, environment and monitoring capabilities …

Take a look at our new videos

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Our videos help in understanding how the unique Armarac works. Take a look at the latest on our video page, covering initial installation of an Armarac, configuration, and installation of equipment. Let us know if you would like us to prepare a video on any other topic – send us your request here

We have been very busy..

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Our new web site is up and running – we think the new look with additional diagrams and videos will help you to understand the flexibility and uniqueness of the Armarac. We have filmed some videos for information and installation training which you can see on our special videos page. Send us an email if you have questions – or …

Question #2 – A question about non-rackmount equipment

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We have been asked if we can install non-rackmount equipment in the Armarac. I am pleased to say the answer is yes you can – we have designed a special Vertiblade for this. We call it the MultiFit – it is like a pegboard so you can attach and secure any sized equipment easily. Typically you would use Velcro strips …

Question #1 – A question about airflow

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We have recently been asked if mounting equipment vertically in our Armarac has any effect on airflow through the equipment – are any of the air vents blocked? Our answer: By default rack-mount servers take in air along the front, and expel at the rear. The Armarac Vertiblades are clear top and bottom so when a server is mounted vertically …