Special features of an Armarac

Built to Last

Armarac systems are constructed from durable nonferrous materials with non-binding moving-part surfaces for extreme longevity and dependable service in harsh environments.

Secured access

All internal equipment is protected from accidental or malicious interference, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access.

Thoughtful cable management

Elegant Vertiblade cable management simplifies connecting power, data, peripheral and KVM cables.

Withstands harsh environments

Optional NEMA4X Air-conditioning module enables Armarac enclosures to stand up to uncommonly harsh environments.

Complies with international standards

Vertiblade 19-inch mounting apertures conform to IEC60297 and EIA-310-D for universal equipment acceptance.

Strong mounting enhances security

Accessible only through the interior, the Armarac wall mounting system provides the highest level of structural security against theft or forced entry.

Certified seismic protection

Both wall-mounted and freestanding mounting options are seismically rated for additional peace of mind.