Armarac EcoSystem

The Armarac EcoSystem is actively intelligent …

The EcoSystem Environment Control System is an active intelligent manager of your Armarac.

An intelligent brain
EcoSystem monitors, controls, alerts and alarms
– locally and over the internet using email or SNMP.
EcoSystem provides a complete package
for the protection of your valuable equipment.


Active Monitor

The EcoSystem has multiple sensors and outputs.
These are combined with customisable parameters to actively control internal temperature and fan speeds, or send warnings and alarms locally and to external parties via the network.

Adaptive Control

The inlet (ambient) and outlet temperatures are monitored continuously.
Variation from threshold parameters will always generate an alarm.
Variation from operational parameters will cause the system to adapt and take action to
adjust the fan speed, or internal heater for low ambient models.

Alert and Alarm

Fans are monitored and if they cease running a service alert is sent. If they are running at
full speed without creating the expected cooling then an alert is sent.
Unauthorised door openings can result in either a local audible alarm or remote alerts,
and when access is approved the alarms can be disabled.

Status Reports

The EcoSystem maintains a history of sensor data, so it can make intelligent decisions
according to comparisons of past recordings. This enables effective responses, and minimises false alarms.
The history can be viewed locally or remotely, and can assist in pinpointing times, trends and reasons for out of range events.

Inputs & Outputs

Door position
Local alarm set
Fan speed/failure
Door lock/unlock
Alarm buzzer
Fan speed up/down