Benefits of Armaracs

Armaracs provide many benefits due to their unique form factor and capabilities.

The vertical mount design and integrated environment provide benefits which cannot be provided by conventional floor or wall mounted cabinets. An Armarac is a room replacement.

Vertiblade system provides unprecedented equipment access

Technicians gain full all-around access to all equipment and cabling without moving their feet simply by opening the hinged Vertiblades like the pages of a book.

Minimal-footprint saves floor space and cost

Ingenious wall-mount system eliminates the need to build a secure room or outfit a closet with sufficient space for a conventional rack and the clearance needed in front to slide out rail-mounted equipment and swing open the rear door to access cables in back.

Cooling options provide install-anywhere flexibility

Armarac enclosures include active fan ventilation, or can be equipped with an integrated closed-cycle air-conditioning unit.

Designed for convenient remote management

The EcoSys Monitoring and Control System monitors and controls the temperature, humidity, fan speeds, and provides alarms through the local onboard user interface or over a network including SNMP.

Physically secures all equipment

Armarac enclosures safeguard equipment from theft, malicious or accidental damage, and interference by unauthorized personnel.

Rapidly deploy standardized infrastructure

By centrally configuring Armarac units with all the infrastructure needed at each network location, ready-to-run Armarac systems can be shipped to branch offices, distribution centers, or franchises without having to rely on local contractors.

Deploy without specialized personnel

Equipment can be installed, maintained, and replaced in Armarac systems far more easily than in conventional racks using ordinary tools.