Applications for Armaracs

Armaracs are used around the world, from Alaska to Timor Leste, schools to factories.

Armarac  helps to solve both everyday and challenging installation requirements.

Branch Offices

Distributed sites such as retail outlets, branch offices, clinics and distribution centers.

Small Medium Business

An excellent small-to-medium business all-in-one installation providing security, reliability and management within a minimum of space.


Universities, Schools and any facility where space is at a premium or where available space can be better utilized than housing computer equipment.

Construction Sites

A robust, reliable, re-locatable site office equipment room for construction companies and organizations working in harsh environments.

Outsource Services

Outsource partners who provide managed services and equipment can securely deploy their equipment in an appropriately branded Armarac enclosures to the end-user site.

Event Management

A readily deployable server and communications solution for temporary or event management services.

Business Continuity

Fully equipped Armarac systems are ideal hot spares for rapid disaster recovery or as an integral part of business continuity plans.