Encapsulated equipment room replaces dedicated rooms

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Armarac has all the features of a dedicated room in an encapsulated equipment room.  Armarac is compact, it mounts on a wall, and can be placed in a wide variety of locations without requiring special building.

Instead of a great big room, with all its costs, issues, construction delays, and capture of space;

Equipment Room Replacement

You have the Armarac:

Minimal space, maximum function.

Armarac includes:

  • Physical security: Rugged aluminum construction, with manual or electronic locks. All of your equipment – server, network, and cabling is contained inside the secure environment.
  • Access security: Integrate Armarac into your security system. Monitor and control remotely over IP including SNMP reporting and control.
  • Cooling: Our fans drive air through to cool all the equipment in typical office ambient areas. Add on our air-conditioning modules for a sealed environment and full temperature control.
  • Performance monitoring: Has the door been opened when unauthorised? Are the fans providing sufficient cooling?

To change from a room to an Armarac email us now at sales@armarac.com for more information.