Design once, Install many

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Armarac saves installation time and costs by designing one standard for many equipment rooms in multiple sites.

Our customers are finding that Armarac provides significant savings for distributed office rollouts. A ‘cookie cut’ approach saves both cost and elapsed time. Armarac is not just a cabinet. It is a room replacement which provides all the security, environment and monitoring capabilities of a dedicated room.
Design time, approvals, construction, fit-out and sign-off – time and costs soon add up if you are building an equipment room especially which is different at each location.

Take a look at ‘Time to Value’ – just one of the areas where Nutanix users make savings.

VCE:          Average 2 – 3 month long design phase, 45 days for factory configuration, 1 week or more to deploy.

Nutanix:   Average design takes 1- 2 weeks; order to delivery in 2 weeks, and 1 day to deploy.

It is interesting that although it is a different market, the same ‘cookie cut module’ principles apply for Armarac. If you can standardize on modules which meet the majority of your requirements you can make large savings,

Armarac offers a ‘one size fits all’ module.
Just as common equipment provides savings in installation and support, Armarac can be configured so it is a standard no matter what the location it is being installed into. ‘Design once, Install many’. Rather than an installation schedule taking months, installation can be complete within days.

We provide advice on equipment layout, and can provide evaluation Armaracs for your lab to define your standards. We then build to your configuration and these Armaracs can be shipped to site ‘ready to go’.

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