Question #2 – A question about non-rackmount equipment

Grant Latest from Blog

We have been asked if we can install non-rackmount equipment in the Armarac.

I am pleased to say the answer is yes you can – we have designed a special Vertiblade for this.

We call it the MultiFit – it is like a pegboard so you can attach and secure any sized equipment easily.
Typically you would use Velcro strips or ties to hold the equipment and cables.
Here is how it looks with some small equipment and power supplies. Very tidy.
MultiFit Vertiblade

More recently we have been asked if we can mount desktop tower servers and other large  units such as telephone or security systems.
We are planning to provide a bottom mount and retainers to clip onto the MultiFit Vertiblade for this equipment. Typically it is just over 2RU in width, so we would provide this in a 3RU configuration to mount your equipment safely and securely.

This means you can upgrade your infrastructure and install a modern Armarac enclosure with its environmental control and security , while still retaining your existing non-rackmount equipment.