Our patented wallmount Armarac
liberates your design decisions,
saving money by avoiding
the need for dedicated rooms,
minimising cable runs,
and lowering installation costs.

Change the way you design your infrastructure

Here are some typical configurations

SERVER configurations

If you have a Server Room or micro Data Center which includes UPS, Server, Router and some network cabling

NETWORK Configurations

If you have a Telecommunications Room or microIDF which includes UPS, Fiber, Switches and lots of patch panels

Mount your equipment vertically

in minimal floor space


Safe and Secure

Cooled and Monitored


This is not a simple cabinet

This is an equipment room replacement

  A zone cabling solution using multiple Armaracs saves us $100,000 per floor  a leading international technology company

Watch our videos

These videos show aspects of Armarac operation and installation

Want to learn more about Armarac?

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