Replace your rackmount rooms

Armarac changes the way you design your infrastructure

NETWORK configurations

If you have a Telecommunications Room or microIDF which includes UPS, Fiber, Switches and lots of patch panels

SERVER configurations

If you have a Server Room or micro Data Center which includes UPS, Server, Router and some network cabling

Each installation of our microIDF design standard saves us many times the Armarac price   a leading international technology company
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Short and thin, this is our smallest Armarac. House 5RU of equipment plus 6 Patch panel slots within 12inches out from the wall. Complete with locks and ample active fan cooling, this is an ideal enclosure for Telecommunications rooms or IDFs for zone cabling designs.

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A grand amount of space for servers, switches, UPS and ancilliary equipment.

With 10RU of Vertiblades and up to 6 patch panel slots this is the ideal microDataCenter or microIDF.

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Stack up Armaracs with venti or 20 RU of Vertiblade space, plus options for ample patch panels. This is the complete server or network room in a box. Avoid the need for a dedicated equipment room.

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These videos show aspects of Armarac operation and installation

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